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Crowd explodes In “We Want Trump” chant when Brandon attempts to give speech

Joe Biden got a much-deserved welcome from the crowd of attendees during a stump speech for failed gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.  

Campaigning on behalf of the radical Democrat governor, who openly stated on the 2021 campaign trail that parents should have less input into their own children than the government, Biden got off to a  rough start after being interrupted by a speech-halting chorus of “We want Trump!”

It was enough of a problem that McAulliffe could only stand there helpless with a ridiculous grin while Biden stopped his remarks and made various failed efforts to acknowledge, talk back, and ignore them. The 2021 governor’s race eventually went to Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin.

Youngkin’s stunning victory in the Old Dominion was largely seen as a repudiation of the government mishandling school issues. In addition to McAuliffe declaring the government knows what’s best for kids, The Daily Wire also broke a huge story detailing abuse, scandal, and coverup of a high school rape at the hands of a transgender student.

Perhaps a third reason for the surprise upset victory was the fact that the Democrat machine made a tired effort to make the governor’s race all about former president Donald Trump, and Trump is still popular with rural Virginians, if not the Swamp in Northern Virginia.

The New York Post noted that in the same speech, which Biden was eventually able to give, he named Trump over twenty times despite neither featuring him in the contest nor him having made a political endorsement in the race at the time. 

As you can watch in the short clip of the event, at least some members of the crowd were loudly chanting “We Want Trump” and the two on-stage Democrats, President Joe Biden and Terry McAuliffe, had trouble trying to respond to the humiliating chant from the crowd.

Here’s the video of Biden being heckled. Take a look as Joe Biden gets a warm Virginia welcome from audience members who seem to be incredibly frustrated with his policies and ready to let that be known in a public forum:

The Biden family, along with their former boss, Barack Obama, have all received numerous chants and heckles. Biden is famously roasted at sporting events and other venues with large crowds when “Let’s Go, Brandon!” or the more hilarious, albeit more vulgar, version breaks out.

Though the vulgar original chant and its more family-friendly version faded away after the 2021 football season, it’s still a fun way to remember how much the average American detested Biden as Bidenflation began to bite and America was humiliated in Afghanistan.

And Obama, the self-anointed political messiah, finally had his aura busted when stumping for another Democrat governor in 2022. Obama is a deft public speaker, but it’s not often we have seen him confront heckles. It was a welcome change.

Obama was in the same position at one point, taking some heat during a 2022 midterm rally among what he thought was a friendly crowd. Breitbart reported on that interaction, in which a clearly flustered Obama struggled to determine the best way to respond and tried, without much success, to berate the crowd into quieting down. 

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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