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Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo, Who Advocated for the COVID Vaccine, Publicly Admits for the First Time to Suffering from a COVID Vaccine Injury

Disgraced former CNN anchor and vaccine pusher Chris Cuomo disclosed for the first time that he has been suffering from side effects he attributes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

This admission came during an in-depth interview with nurse practitioner Sean Barcavage, who was also featured in a New York Times article discussing similar vaccine-related injuries.

Barcavage shared his alarming experience with vaccine side effects that began just minutes after receiving his first dose in 2020. Symptoms included heart palpitations upon standing, numbness, and persistent tingling that quickly spread from his arm to his face and eyes, which got worse after his second dose.

“We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a. side effects… But nobody’s really talking about it because they’re too afraid of blame, and they just want it to go away,” Cuomo said.

“But the problem is people like Sean and me and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their bloodwork and their lives and their feelings physically are not going away,” Cuomo added.

“As soon as I was injured—15, 20 minutes into my first dose—I experienced numbness and tingling up and down my injected arm, which spread over the day to my face and my eyes. I consulted a neurologist who ran some tests and remarked, ‘Well, this is all new. We don’t know much about it, but the hospital is going to mandate it. You should get a second dose.’ Everything in my medical mind and in my bones was telling me, ‘No, if you have a reaction to something, don’t do it again,’” Barcavage said.

“However, the pressure was immense. Then, three weeks later, I received a second dose, and after that, everything blew up. I went from being a healthy, 100% healthy, fully functioning nurse to a complete downward spiral of health. I developed a myriad of symptoms,” he added.

Barcavage expressed his disappointment with the lack of support from various health agencies and from vaccine manufacturers.

“I thought there would be people ready to help me after my injury,” he explained. “I reached out to political representatives, the NIH, the CDC, the FDA, but I received no answers. No one wanted to touch it.”

With medical professionals in the U.S. offering no assistance, Barcavage took his quest international, sending blood samples to Germany, where he found scientists willing to aid his investigation.

“I sent blood samples to Germany and connected with German scientists who were more willing to help than those in my own country. The tests showed I had developed several autoantibodies, some of which scientists believe are related to this positional tachycardia you mentioned, where my heart rate spikes every time I stand up.”

“My autoantibodies resemble those seen in people with long COVID, although I never contracted the virus. This was confirmed through immunological studies of my blood. They found no viral antibodies,” Barcavage said.

Barcavage expressed his expectation of support from his pro-vaccine colleagues, who he believed would assist him in his time of need. Instead, he encountered a starkly different reality.

“I thought my pro-vaccine colleagues who championed me would lift me up and help me. Instead, they turned around, dismissed, denied, and tried to censor and bury me,” Barcavage said.

His situation, he argues, is exacerbated by the political implications of vaccine side effects. “They’re afraid that by showing my face, I’ll drive vaccine hesitancy. But what they don’t realize, and what I have come to realize, is that the censorship and concealment are actually fueling vaccine hesitancy,” he added.

Barcavage critiqued the Biden regime’s handling of vaccine reactions, suggesting that a more transparent approach acknowledging the novel nature of vaccines and setting up dedicated support programs could have fostered public trust.

“If the government had just said, ‘Hey, these are novel vaccines. There will be reactions. Let’s set up a program to handle them, establish a fund, and oblige the manufacturers to provide help or research,’ I think the citizens would have appreciated that.”

Barcavage, along with many Americans, experienced censorship on major social platforms, where his posts were often tagged as misinformation. “When I tried to reach out online, platforms like Facebook and Instagram would tag my messages as misinformation. Yes, that’s right. I’m just a desperate person to whom something bad happened, and I’m reaching out and pleading for help,” he said.

Cuomo, who was part of the censorship regime, admitted to Barcavage that he also suffering from side effects he attributes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Sean, I can’t help you because I’m no clinician. I’m sick myself. But I’m working with people who are working on this, so I’ll make sure that we’re in touch right after the show, and I’ll help any way I can. You may be ahead of me. I’ll connect you with my clinicians, and maybe you can share different protocols and things that may help. But I will never stop reporting on this. All I’m doing is just beating the drum for a 9/11-style commission to figure out what worked and what didn’t and what questions need to be answered because it’s not over,” Cuomo said.

Must Watch: Chris Cuomo interviews Nurse Practitioner, Sean Barcavage, who was featured in the NYT article today about vaccine injuries.

During the interview Cuomo offers to share his doctors’ info with him since he is also suffering from a vaccine injury as well.

— TeasLindsay™ (@TexasLindsay_) May 4, 2024

The irony and karma here are incredible. The New York Times and Chris Cuomo, who finds himself among those affected, are now acknowledging and reporting issues many have voiced concerns about for the past three years.

It can be recalled Chris Cuomo mocked and insulted anyone who refused to take the experimental vaccine.

In 2021, Chris Cuomo and Republican Texas state Rep. Michael Burgess engaged in a heated debate over the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy that is prevalent among some members of the GOP and conservative media.

“You’re OK with this kind of jackassery that has absolutely led to a deficiency among Republican people in this country taking the vaccine, and now they’re getting sick? And now we’re seeing what we see at the hospitals. And now the age is reducing and the variant is spreading. You’re OK with this?” Cuomo asked.

“The people showing up at the hospital who are very sick are, almost without exception, unvaccinated. The people who are dying, 99 percent, are unvaccinated. You have people who are connected to your political party that you are not speaking out against who are telling people not to take it. You’re OK with that?” he added.

Burgess responded, “Don’t listen to people on political talking shows. That’s not where you should get your medical information.” When Cuomo queried about the stance of GOP members of Congress who discourage vaccination, Burgess firmly stated, “I’m telling you to take it, so buy that. What about people who say otherwise? Well, they’re wrong. Take the vaccine if you’re in the age group where you could be devastated by the illness.”

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