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Fox News Removes Hunter Biden ‘Mock Trial’ Miniseries After Lawsuit Threat

CNN noted that the decision to remove a ‘mock trial’ miniseries from the network’s Fox Nation streaming service “is a swift response from the conservative media juggernaut, whose spokespeople were defending the material as recently as Tuesday morning.”

“This program was produced in and has been available since 2022,” a Fox News Media spokesperson said in a statement, per CNN. “We are reviewing the concerns that have just been raised and – out of an abundance of caution in the interim – have taken it down.”

Titled “The Trial of Hunter Biden,” the miniseries was promoted on Fox Nation and the main network itself.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the link on the Fox Nation site for the six-episode series was not working. Episodes that were available before the lawsuit threat are no longer accessible.

The dispute primarily revolves around sexually explicit images of Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, with women that were shown on-screen during the program, which featured a “mock trial” about his overseas financial dealings that led in part to his federal tax indictment and has also fueled House Republicans’ struggling impeachment inquiry into his father.

Hunter has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges. A trial is expected to begin in California in June.

His lawyers accused Fox of defamation and of “unlawful publication of hacked intimate images” that could violate “revenge porn” laws.

Fox denied wrongdoing, noting in a Tuesday morning statement that its coverage was accurate and “consistent with the First Amendment.”

Last month, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan provided another big update on the investigation into President Joe Biden.

During an interview on Fox News, the Ohio Republican said it’s “ridiculous” for Hunter Biden to say that the evidence is “baseless” as the “country can see what he was involved in.”

“Part of this real estate investment entity that they were working on together. But she, in fact did that. I mean, that’s the big picture. You know, what you played the clip from Hunter Biden he said baseless inquiry. We got millions of dollars from foreign entities flowing through 20 different companies for what? What was the service? What were they selling? What were they offering?” Jordan began.

“And Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s business partner told us in his deposition it was for access to the brand. And the brand was Joe Biden. The brand who played rounds of golf, took phone calls and meetings, attended lunches and dinners with Hunter Biden and his business associates, the brand who conditioned $1 billion of American tax money on the firing of the prosecutor who was investigating the company Hunter Biden sat on the — on the board up and was receiving a million dollars a year,” Jordan said.

He added, “That’s — that’s what we’re talking about here. So this idea is baseless is just ridiculous. The country can see what was going on here. And Mr. Bobulinski, Mr. Galanis will talk about when Joe Biden showed up and when Joe Biden was actually involved in these things.

That’s what we’re going to hear. And the contradictions of when Hunter Biden testified under oath, what he said versus what all his partners, who he no longer has any relationship with, what they said under oath.”

“The State Department had sent the prosecutor letter saying you’re doing a good job just a few months before Joe Biden goes over there and conditions the release on the money — of the money on the firing of that same prosecutor,” Jordan said.

“That prosecutor was actually looking into Burisma and Zlochevsky, the CEO of that Ukrainian energy company. The one before him, allowed him to have $23 million that had been seized, allowed to have it back,” he added.

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