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‘His Arrival at the Limo Was Tightly Pressed’: Critics Lambast Biden for Dodging Questions, Hastily Boarding Air Force One

It was yet another bad look for President Joe Biden when he walked away from the Presidential Limo and into Air Force One up the short stairs, ignoring questions from reporters and walking stiffly as he did so. Commenting on the incident, people online argued that it was yet another example of Biden not being “all there” mentally or physically.

As background, President Biden was headed to Rehoboth Beach yet again on Saturday, May 11, arriving in after a fundraiser in Seattle, Washington.

His beach trip contrasted strongly with the massive rally former President Trump was holding a mere 24 miles away, across Deleware Bay, with some noting that President Biden appears to have far less energy and vigor than his likely 2024 opponent, as shown by their contrasting weekend plans.

Further, President Biden’s visit comes alongside persistent criticism from the left over his administration’s Israel policy, with many even going so far as to call him “Genocide Joe” for generally remaining in support of Israel. Meanwhile, he is criticized by some in the GOP for not being pro-Israel enough, particularly after he said he would limit the provision of offensive weapons to Israel if it attacks Rafah.

In any case, the video that emerged of Biden stiffly walking from the Beast to Air Force One as he headed to the beach drew criticism online, with the RNC Research X account posting the clip and captioning it by commenting, “Biden ignores questions as he wraps up a day of fundraising — and heads to the beach for a weekend of rest.”

One commenter on the RNC Research post tore into Joe for trying to get a photo op with the police, contrasting that with what they see as Trump’s much more natural camaraderie with police officers he sees. That commenter wrote, “Biden’s handler points to police… Joe, go over there for a photo op. Cops look to camera and as soon as picture is taken, they can’t disperse fast enough.

Another joked that everyone in the vicinity of Joe would be headed to Trump’s nearby rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, instead, posting, “Rest? I’m sure the beaches around him will be deserted. Most people drive south to see Trump in Jersey. 

Still others commented on how Biden didn’t look particularly vigorous in the clip, posting comments like “He barely made it to the limo. What a joke” and “It looks like he’s on life support. Declining rapidly.” Others added, “Rest is the only thing Biden does well” and “An embarrassment and pathetic POTUS – This man has the nuclear codes ! Frightening thought !”

President Joe Biden has faced much criticism over the amount of time he has spent at vacation spots around the country, with the New York Post noting in an end-of-2023 article that he spent a whopping 37% of the year at vacation locations. Similarly, he spent 38% of 2022 at vacation locations. Much of that time is spent in Deleware, whether at his home residence or his Rehoboth beach house.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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