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Rising from the Depths: Don Lemon’s Journey After Hitting Rock Bottom with Dismal News

Two familiar faces once at the pinnacle of network television have found themselves side-lined in recent years after each dealt with a controversy that led to their precipitous exits from the limelight. Matt Lauer, the once-beloved host of “Today,” has remained largely out of the public eye since his termination in 2017. Don Lemon, formerly of CNN, faced a setback when a promising venture into new media was abruptly scrapped by none other than tech titan Elon Musk in 2024.

Now, according to insiders, the two figures are plotting a return that’s stirring up the airwaves. “Matt thinks he’s the best thing that ever happened to network TV, and Don is equally resplendent in his own mind. They’ve been talking about collaborating because, as they like to say, brilliant minds think alike,” said an insider to In Touch.

Their plan involves launching an “edgy and totally uncensored” program, drawing inspiration from former FOX News star Tucker Carlson, who has successfully carved out a significant online niche after his own departure from traditional media. The duo believes they can become the new “kings of all media,” a title that comes with heavy expectations and the challenge of winning back public trust.

“They’re pitching all over and bragging their ideas are getting good feedback,” the source said.

Lemon’s exit from CNN and shift towards new media ventures failed when his planned social media show was canceled by X (formerly Twitter) owner Elon Musk. The setback represented a significant turn in Lemon’s career, which had been predominantly associated with his role as a prime-time news anchor on CNN.

Lemon’s attempt to pivot to new platforms like X was seen as a move to redefine his presence in the media landscape, especially after his departure from CNN. However, the abrupt cancellation of his show on X marked a notable challenge in his career trajectory.

Musk has shown support for various individuals and shows, including those with significant followings and influence, such as Carlson. Back in April of 2023, Lemon was fired from CNN. His departure marked a significant moment in the media landscape, a culmination of a series of events that led to the end of his tenure at the network where he had become one of its most recognizable faces. As a prominent anchor, Lemon helmed “Don Lemon Tonight,” a prime-time show.

The motivation behind Lemon’s comeback is fueled by a desire to address what he and Lauer see as unfair treatment by former colleagues and segments of the media.

“They think the time has come for them to put everyone who was mean to them in their places,” explained the insider. Names like Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Katie Couric, Chris Cuomo, and Elon Musk are mentioned among those they feel have wronged them according to reports.

The insights into their strategy come at a time when Lemon was recently spotted looking jubilant at his New York City wedding to partner Tim Malone, with Lauer in attendance, appearing fit and ready for a return to the spotlight. “Matt’s lost a lot of weight. Clearly he’s getting ready for his close-ups!” added the source.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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